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Tiffany *finished* by ariesfireangel
Tiffany *finished*
aside from quite a few anatomy errors Ashamed i seriously need to start practicing anatomy
but still i think Tiff turned out great! :excited: 
and it was my first time really trying to use color and shading, obviously still a lot to be learned but damn look at those eyes! i'd like to pat myself on the back go me
as for who Tiff is well the easiest answer is she would be my furry alter-ego :) i always found it very interesting the way female lions behave socially but even more interesting is how even if they are part of a pride some female lions will leave their pride and become like wondering nomads but once you leave you'll probably never be welcomed back into any pride again because of how hostile other females are towards outsider females. to me its like the story of my freaking life. always feeling very spurned in social circles and just never being able to acclimate or fit in well. i am that kind of person who has like one person they call friend and every one else are just those people i have to speak to when i run into them -_- not to sound like i want to be anti social i really am just a very introverted person. so that's how i would see myself. i would want to be a nomad lioness 
either way i still have a long way to go to be able to draw her exactly like i want but for now this feels pretty damn sweet to finally see done
WIP Tiffany by ariesfireangel
WIP Tiffany
forgive the super light line work so far but like i said a work in progress Emoticon: Sticking out tongue  i am actually going to attempt coloring this and i am SUPER nervous! i've always put off any kind of coloring or shading cause i am that person who is so crazy paranoid about screwing things up after putting so much work into it but i've been practicing on older pictures and i feel slightly more confident now, still i am CRAZY please with how Tiff is turning out so far Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
Solomon by ariesfireangel
continuing on with dabbling in furry art :happybounce: this one is definitely came out a little more animalistic the then human i'd say but i love it :heart: now if only i could draw a full body i'll be set! lol wish the right eye hadn't given me so much damn trouble though. :music: one of these things is not like the other one, one of these things is crap! :music: yep that about sums up my feelings when you draw one eye great and you can't get the second one right :facepalm: 
eye practice by ariesfireangel
eye practice
you know it never stops amazing me, that i can draw individual components very well but when i try to put it all together...blah :/ oh well just practice doodles i did a while back sadly my scanner be dead, glad i upgraded my phone to one with a better camera :D need to find a place in my house with better lighting though :/

update- finally found that better lighting...well...probably as good as its going to get on a cloudy day XD

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Thanks for the fave :iconarmstrongtighthugplz:
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oh an Armstrong hug! thats a mighty hug indeed XD your very welcome
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